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※Wireless network

Q1 : For wireless network do I need to apply for account ID and password?
Answer : No, a student account ID is made up with student ID number, and password is the last 8 digits of personal ROC ID number.  Faculty and staff's wireless account is the same as the e-mail password.

Q2 : Driver installation is complete, and wireless network card light keeps flashing, but there’s no Internet access, why?
Answer : Under normal circumstances, there is one light in steady state, the other is irregularly blinking.  If both lights are flashing, then, maybe there is no access point in your area so the network card is not receiving any signal.

Q3: If both lights on the network card are off, what is the reason?
Answer : If a network card is not properly started, then the lights will not turn on.  Please check the "Control Panel / System / Device Manager" to see whether the network card driver started normally, and whether there are any other hardware conflicts or not.  If the computer has a built-in network card, please try to disable it. Perhaps it is in conflict with the wireless network card.

Q4: Will transmission speed change due to the distance from access point?
Answer : Yes. Wireless transmission speed changes depending on distance and other environmental factors.  The speed can be customized by the user or the network (Wave Management) ARS feature to automatically adjust.  For example, on the 11MB Card, there are four speed selections : 1MB, 2MB, 5.5MB, and 11MB.

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