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Computer Center



※Dormitory network

To set IP for dormitory network, follow the instructions on the IP label included in the information packet.

• DNS settings:
* There is no limit on IP Bind MAC, but for management reasons, students may be required to stay with this action? in the future.

Notes :

  1. 0800 is a toll free number.  123 is also a toll free number if dialed within the city.
  2. Dormitory fees include the subscription of network service provided by Chunghwa Telecom with account and password.  Each Dorm room shares 10M/2M bandwidth.
  3. Students are required to supply their own computer and network cable. Internet access is unlimited.     

Starting 2010 student dormitory shifts to a new access network, FFTx, provided by Chunghwa Telecom. The contact phone number is 0800-080412.

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